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Izzy and Jenny met over 10 years ago at college when they were introduced at a mutual friend’s fancy dress birthday party. In true meet-cute style, Jenny was dressed as superwoman and Izzy was dressed as a fairy.

Having been close friends throughout sixth form college and remained friends whilst both at university separated by miles, at times even by oceans, Izzy and Jenny have a strong connection and understanding of what each have been through, making for a comfortable sharing space within the podcast episodes.

Their Untangled journey starts in January 2020 when Izzy texted Jenny a one line pitch about doing a mental health podcast which Jenny instantly replied yes to. Living in different areas of the UK, a long planning session was needed and after hours of note-making, spider diagrams, lists and an unquantified amount of wine, the podcast started to take shape. A name was decided on and the vision agreed - this would be a platform that would encourage open discussions, fight to reduce stigma and help to educate.

Since Jenny works as a mental health practitioner, her main role from the start was to bring some expertise to the table, alongside a listening, non-judgemental ear. Izzy's concept was that the podcast would be both informative and relatable and with both of them together, it seemed to make up the perfect team. 

Jenny and Izzy both feel passionately that everyone should have a space to talk about how they are feeling and they also want to help people who are struggling with their own mental health. Their own journeys haven’t been easy and maintaining good mental health is always an effort. But, in being open with their own everyday struggles and reflecting on what is helpful and what's not to helpful, they hope it may show others how it is possible to cope and live a full and happy life alongside mental health difficulties. 



I'm Izzy


- Jenny

"Izzy is such an incredibly dedicated, loyal and driven person who always puts 110% into anything she does, so I was under no illusion that creating a podcast with her would be anything short of brilliant. Not only that, she is fearless when it comes to standing up for what's right (making her a great advocate and voice for anything mental health related). Izzy is a compassionate listener and just generally a great friend that's always been there when I needed her for advice, guidance or just a bit of a moan. She has an insight into her own mind that is rare to find, the sharpest eye for detail out of anyone I know, and she has a wicked sense of humour - what more could you ask for?" 

"Jenny has a natural ability to make people feel at ease and since we know each other so well, nothing is off the table which means all the episodes hopefully make for easy and interesting listening. She is a hugely empathetic and conscientious person. When we met we became friends instantly and she has always been a close friend that has consistently been there for me. She is one of those rare souls that I feel truly gets me and I am always at ease when I am with her, no front is needed. She is also incredibly brave and I have watched her overcome challenges in her own life to become the strong amazing woman she is today."


- Izzy

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