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Meet some of our previous Untangled guests


Catherine Gallagher

When you fill up your cup first, you're able to give your best self out. I really believe that it's important that we put ourselves first.

Yoga with Catherine

Lisa Dimino White

It was a tough time, but we got through it and, you know, I could have said, you know what? This is my life. This is the card I was dealt. I need to deal with it. But I knew in my gut that I deserved better.

The Joy Seeker, Author of Bursting with Happiness (buy now)

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Tom Mills

My campaign for mental health awareness has kind of changed my life a bit because, I mean I'm trying to help people with raising awareness, but this has also helped me as well. If I rewind back to four years ago, I wouldn't have thought everything that's happened in the last four years would have happened. It's just mad!

Mental health advocate and creator of the campaign Messy4Mind Donate to Mind with Tom now

Luca Olias

As we’re transitioning into more of a matriarchal world rather than this kind of ‘hyper masculine’ world, I think you end up caught in this weird trap of learning to open up and be vulnerable, but maybe not being equipped.

Fellow podcaster ('Guards of Eden') and Mental Health Advocate

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